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performance galley innovators

Quooker Boiling Water Taps

No need to wait for the kettle or pots to boil in the galley!


Quooker is the original 100°C boiling water tap, which makes an electric kettle redundant in the modern galley by providing genuinely boiling water on demand.

Depending on your needs, the Quooker is available in 3 or 7 litre tank size options – with the additional options of the combi boiling and hot water installation or the latest Cube combination tank, which also includes chilled and sparkling water.

The Quooker boiling water tap is ideal for sailing yachts where power consumption is at a premium – at the beginning of the day, whilst running the engine or connected to shore power, the Quooker will heat up all the boiling water you will need for the day. A very low stand-by consumption of 10W also helps save your batteries during the day. Its compact under-sink tank and easy installation makes retrofitting to your existing galley possible.

The wide range of convenient Quooker tap options includes dedicated boiling taps; matching Quooker Twintaps; the Quooker Fusion and Cube mixer taps, which dispenses 100% boiling water, cold water and hand-hot water as well as chilled and sparkling water – all from a single appliance.

For added safety in the galley, the Quooker tap delivers 100°C boiling water in aerated form thus reducing the risk of scalding while making the perfect cup of tea or coffee and providing a far safer option than the outdated kettle.

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