performance galley innovators
performance galley innovators

GN Espace creates Eco-Door for energy-saving ‘hay oven’ effect for marine oven range

GN Espace has revealed its latest product innovation in its mission to achieve ultra-low energy usage onboard boats.  The GN Espace Oven Eco-Door fits to the inside of the boat’s GN Espace glass oven door to keep heat in, so that a hot casserole of food, just cooked on the hob, will keep on slow cooking without the oven even being turned on, in the style of a traditional hay oven.  The Eco-Door range has a compatible door for all of GN Espace’s electric oven models, including the OceanChef and Levante electric ovens.

Glass oven doors can’t be as well insulated as the other surfaces inside an oven but are popular as they enable the cooking in progress to be viewed.  By sealing off this one source of heat loss with the Eco-Door the ‘hot box’ is created and the latent heat generated by the hot pot or casserole is sealed in, so it can simmer away for three hours or more without consuming any additional energy. The Eco-Door can be swopped in and out of the oven as required. Made of stainless steel with an insulated chamber filled with rockwool insulation, it is fully recyclable and will last the life of the oven and weights just 1.2kg.

Meals can be prepared before setting out on the water for the day – then can just be left to slow-cook and enjoyed piping hot later in the day.

Eco-Door range: £75.00 inc VAT.

About GN Espace

GN Espace is a UK-based specialist galley company, whose innovative marine cooker designs and integrated systems are chosen by the world’s leading yacht builders as original equipment for their galleys.  The company offers every solution in yacht galley equipment, superyacht galleys and commercial galleys.

With a choice of Electric, Induction or traditional LPG Gas, GN Espace cookers deliver ‘Home from Home’ no compromise domestic style cooking capabilities on board.

The company was founded in 2007 by Ralph Olingschlaeger and Julian Kimberley with the simple aim of creating the best yacht galley equipment available.  Ralph has worked for many years in the domestic appliance industry while Julian trained as a chef with Trusthouse-Forte before establishing and managing his own chain of restaurants. Both are keen sailors.