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Gastronorm Galley Sinks


Our Gastronorm range of sinks has successfully adopted a proven formula from professional catering for the tight confines of a galley, to create a multifunctional food preparation and washing-up area.

The sinks perfectly complement our range of Gastronorm-based marine cookers and cooking vessels, creating galleys that are ergonomically more functional and a significantly safer place in which to prepare and cook food whilst at sea.

Working on three levels with our Gastronorm containers, our sinks save space, add convenience and help to keep the galley clean and tidy.

As well as being a highly practical workspace for washing, preparing and cutting food, these multifunction sinks are also ideal for holding hot Gastronorm ovenware safely in place after you have removed it from the oven, which is perfect for carving or serving. The perforated container is an ideal colander for draining boiling water from pasta, for example, helping to make the galley a safer space.