performance galley innovators
performance galley innovators

Galley Sink Accessories

Food preparation set

GN 2/3 Beechwood chopping board

Best quality solid beechwood chopping board with groove for collecting juices.

Ideal for food preparation with all of our gastronorm sinks.

GN 2/3 Synthetic chopping board

Durable Polyethylene chopping board with groove for juices and handle hole.

Ideal working surface for hygienic preparation of meat with all of our Gastronorm sinks.

GN 2/3 Draining basket

Perforated GN 2/3 size 65mm deep draining basket – also ideal for use as colander.

Washing-up set

GN 1/2 Washing-up bowl

This 150mm deep container is the perfect size to use as a water saving washing up bowl within the 1/1 gastronorm sink.


GN 1/2 Draining basket

The perforated GN 1/2 sized 90mm deep draining basket can be used as a drainer or colander and sits perfectly beside the GN 1/2 washing-up bowl.