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Classic legend Jolie Brise replaces cooker after 36,000 meals!

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Image: Ex-student Venetia Smith and Jolie Brise skipper Toby Marris with the long lasting GN Espace cooker

We are really excited to be replacing a globe-trotting cooker that we supplied back in 2010 to Jolie Brise, the legendary 108-year-old winner of the first Fastnet race in 1925, which has been owned by Dauntsey’s School and sailed by its students since 1977.

Jolie Brise has placed an order with GN Espace for another OceanChef XL LPG, to replace one which has been on board since 2010.  The original served its time well, having been used to prepare some 36 meals a day over the last ten seasons, totalling some 35,000. It withstood over 80,000 nautical miles including four Atlantic crossings and destinations from 200 miles north of the Arctic circle to south of the Western Sahara.

The 5-burner hob and its full-size professional catering oven make the OceanChef XL the perfect cooker for the tough use of such a demanding itinerary. The large oven has a controllable thermostatic oven and a wide grill, with capacity to prepare a large number of high quality meals for hungry students.

“We chose GN Espace again because it is very well made,” comments Jolie Brise skipper Toby Marris. “The OceanChef XL is also large enough to cope with our crew numbers.  We have another busy season ahead of us working with Dauntsey’s School in 2022 right up until mid-November. Our students will be taking part in Tall Ships events on the south coast of the UK, and we have planned trips to the west Baltic and Denmark.”  He adds “We know that we need a good reliable cooker.” 

Although the OceanChef XL LPG cooker, like its predecessor, will last many years Toby has already planned his next cooker from GN Espace.  “Ultimately we plan to buy the electric induction version of the OceanChef XL,” but he explains “We will need to replace our generator first.”

Toby Marris and his students are immensely proud not only of Jolie Brise’s extraordinary history but of the fact that just recently in the February issue of Yachting World, renowned marine photographer Rick Tomlinson voted Jolie Brise the ‘World’s Coolest Yacht’.

About GN Espace

GN Espace is a UK-based specialist galley company, whose innovative marine cooker designs and integrated systems are chosen by the world’s leading yacht builders as original equipment for their galleys.  The company offers every solution in yacht galley equipment, superyacht galleys and commercial galleys.

With a choice of Electric, Induction or traditional LPG Gas, GN Espace cookers deliver ‘Home from Home’ no compromise domestic style cooking capabilities on board.

GN Espace also partners Promart, the UK’s leading provider of commercial land-based and offshore marine foodservice solutions, to focus on bespoke superyacht galleys and the galley and food dispensing needs on commercial passenger, naval vessels and offshore installations. All of the galley equipment is designed and supplied for marine use and there is a wide range of SOLAS commercial specification equipment to choose from.

The company was founded in 2007 by Ralph Olingschlaeger and Julian Kimberley with the simple aim of creating the best yacht galley equipment available.  Ralph has worked for many years in the domestic appliance industry while Julian trained as a chef with Trusthouse-Forte before establishing and managing his own chain of restaurants. Both are keen sailors.