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performance galley innovators

Arcona chooses GN Espace for luxury look

Arcona 50 visualisation
The brand new Arcona 50 flagship: choose the luxury GN Espace kitchen

The stunning new 50-foot flagship from the Swedish builder of quality performance cruisers, Arcona Yachts, is giving owners the option to be fitted with GN Espace’s electric induction OceanChef 3 cooker and Gastronorm sink system, termed the ‘upgrade deluxe kitchen’ in its advanced ergonomic galley.  The yacht will be making its debut during the 2023 summer, the result of a creative collaboration between Niels Jeppesen and Ariadna Pons, and whose concept is described by Arcona as a ‘step change’ forging ahead in all design aspects.  The ultra-high quality and sleek components offered by GN Espace are perfect for complementing the look and feel of the galley, which boasts that special touch of Scandinavian elegance.

The OceanChef 3 cooker, available in a choice of LPG (gas) or electric induction options, is also being offered as an option across the rest of the Arcona range of stunning yachts, including the offer of the electric induction version on the new evolution of Arcona’s most popular model, the Arcona 435 Mark II.  In addition, as with the new Arcona 50, customers are being offered the Gastronorm Sink system which includes a large and small sink – known simply as Sink A and Sink B, which together harmonise to optimise galley space and functionality:  the separate bowls can be installed under mount, inset or flush, giving increased installation flexibility to the multifunction sink system.  The chef can work at three unique levels, using a great range of compatible Gastronorm containers, including trays and strainers, to bridge across the main sink at multiple levels.

Last but not least Arcona customers are now offered the opportunity to have their bespoke GN Espace Gastronorm cupboard and drawer storage system designed from scratch to carry the Gastronorm dishes and accessories.  The dishes work not just with the sinks but are designed to fit in the OceanChef oven shelves as well.  The integration is sheer genius, doing justice to the beautiful interior layouts of the Arcona range.

The delux galley upgrade option offers Arcona’s new yacht customers a modular, ergonomically easy and safe galley to operate in and where work flow is optimised – ideal for longer voyages and passages at sea.  Have a look at our GN Espace Galley Systems concept.

About GN Espace

GN Espace is a UK-based specialist galley company, whose innovative marine cooker designs and integrated systems are chosen by the world’s leading yacht builders as original equipment for their galleys.  The company offers every solution in yacht galley equipment, superyacht galleys and commercial galleys.

With a choice of Electric, Induction or traditional LPG Gas, GN Espace cookers deliver ‘Home from Home’ no compromise domestic style cooking capabilities on board.

GN Espace also partners Promart, the UK’s leading provider of commercial land-based and offshore marine foodservice solutions, to focus on bespoke superyacht galleys and the galley and food dispensing needs on commercial passenger, naval vessels and offshore installations. All of the galley equipment is designed and supplied for marine use and there is a wide range of SOLAS commercial specification equipment to choose from.

The company was founded in 2007 by Ralph Olingschlaeger and Julian Kimberley with the simple aim of creating the best yacht galley equipment available.  Ralph has worked for many years in the domestic appliance industry while Julian trained as a chef with Trusthouse-Forte before establishing and managing his own chain of restaurants. Both are keen sailors.