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Electric cooking onboard


The GN Espace range of electric cooking appliances is designed specifically for use on yachts and motorboats, where limited installation space and electrical power supply remain key considerations. Full electric cooking onboard has long been the dream of the cruising sailor, and the latest hybrid systems, new battery technologies and onboard energy systems make that dream a reality.

Our OceanChef gimballed electric cooker, oven and hob combine
the very latest induction technology with our tried and tested construction methods and innovative product features found on our
gas cookers, to give you a marine cooking solution that is truly
market leading.

The advantages of a GN Espace Electric Cooker


Full insulation, correctly specified components and clever thinking has allowed us to create an energy efficient range of electric cooking appliances without any compromise on the cooking performance.

Our induction hobs heat the pot and not the Ceran glass. Serious cooks love induction hobs because they heat up incredibly quickly and are very responsive to control. To save energy, the Pot detection feature switches off the hob when the pot is removed.

An integral energy management system ensures that the hob never draws more than 3kW and the maximum load on the cooker is only 4.9kW.

Our multifunction ovens heat up quickly and the full insulation helps keep the heat in the oven where it belongs. Our unique ECO fan setting (fan cooking with the light off) and our decision not to have a wasteful and unnecessary electric timer help save valuable battery capacity.

Your safety has been a key consideration in the design of our marine cookers. Induction hobs stay cool and add considerably to safety, as well as comfort, in the galley. Sturdy sea rails and pan clamps stop pans from sliding on the hob. A single-handed operation door lock keeps the oven door securely closed. To avoid the danger of hot food sliding out of the oven when you open the door, our oven shelves have safety stops.

The runners have a positive pull-out end stop, as well as having integrated fiddles, irrespective of whether you use the wire shelf or Gastronorm containers.

In addition, the cooker is secured by means of a solid harbour lock and inversion-proof gimbal mounts.

Our Induction hobs are packed with features that make cooking a real joy. Matching the speed and responsiveness of traditional gas burners, our induction hobs boast many other useful features, such as a 2.5kW Boost function, Auto-simmer, a Dual zone bridge function for large fish-kettle cooking, as well as Melt and Keep Warm settings.

The oven has a powerful heating element which surrounds the fan. This ensures even heat distribution throughout the cavity and allows you to cook on three levels at once. Our unique ECO Fan setting reaches the most widely used oven temperature (180°C) in less than half the time it takes for a traditional electric oven to reach its higher equivalent temperature. This saves you time and valuable electricity.

A quick wipe after cooking is all you need to keep the induction hob looking good. Unlike normal ceramic hobs, the induction hob heats the pots and not the Ceran induction surface itself. As a result there is no danger of spillages burning on.

The oven cavity has been designed to avoid dirt traps and there is a removable oven roof, as well as a self-cleaning grill element, to help. All the hob and oven accessories are made from marine grade stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning.